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Baxter2, January, 2002


In rural Tennessee a few days before Christmas, this sweet chocolate Lab started looking for a new home. Small wonder as his former home hadn't been ideal. It had left him with a .22 calibre bullet lodged behind his left ear, a bobbed tail, BB gun pellets under his skin in many areas, as well as other signs of abuse. He managed, perhaps under the watchful eye of his guardian angel, to wander onto the front porch of a wonderful family. Baxter's rescuers immediately took him to their Veterinarian for treatment of his injuries, shots, and a check-up. The vet also discovered Baxter was about 4 years old and heartworm positive. While recovering from his injuries, his rescuers became quite attached to this sweet dog and decided to adopt him.

Baxter's new mom started researching the breed on the Internet and found LABMED. She applied to LABMED for help in treating his heartworms and LABMED was happy to help.

Baxter's new family love him very much and have several other fur-children as well. Everyone enjoys his playful nature and he has become quite comfortable in his new home. So now, after his fortunate Holiday walk in the country, Baxter is well on his way to a healthy normal lifestyle with his new family. Baxter2

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