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Bea, June, 2001

Bea This sweet little black Lab-mix was not a good candidate for adoption at the shelter because she appeared to be blind. But her happily wagging tail attracted the attention of a volunteer with the Pennington County (MN) Humane Society. Bea was rescued from the shelter taken to a vet to have her eyes evaluated.

The small, rural vet hospital did not have the sophisticated equipment needed to properly evaluate Bea's vision. Bea's left eye appeared to be non-functioning, possibly from an old injury, and her right eye showed signs of a cataract. So an appointment was made with a specialist at the University of Minnesota Small Animal Teaching Hospital. LABMED was contacted and agreed to fund the diagnostic testing of Bea's eyes.

Bea's rescuer made the long drive to the U of MN - and Bea travelled like a trouper. The results of the examination revealed that Bea had no remaining vision in either eye. It was thought that Bea had most likely lost her vision due to injuries from a rock salt pellet gun. Bea did not appear to be in any pain, and no treatment of either eye was recommended. So Bea's rescuer took her home, determined to provide Bea with a life filled with as much health, happiness and independence as she could.

Bea quickly found a best friend in her new home - a rescued kitten named Sylvia! According to her rescuer, Bea especially likes Sylvia because she purrs alot and is easy to find. "You would have to see Bea as she nuzzles her nose into Sylvia's tummy...when Sylvia finally bats her face, Bea jumps around...and I swear she's laughing...and then she goes back for more. Sylvia loves and rubs against Bea quite often....what a pair."

LABMED is delighted that Bea is enjoying her second chance in life!

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