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Bear5, January, 2002


Bear was rescued by LAB RESCUE, Inc. of Oklahoma. He had been tied out and neglected, but bounced back with that wonderful Lab temperament that we all love. He was only eleven months old and knew how to behave in the house. Someone had trained him to sit, shake, down, and high five. It is a story we hear often... the cute puppy is loved and cared for, but as he grows up, ends up tied out on a chain and neglected.

Bear showed symptoms of OCD (Osteochondrosis dessicans) and went to the vet for x-rays. The vet diagnosed OCD, a floating bone chip in Bear's shoulder, and a very large void left in the shoulder joint.

LABMED joined Lab Rescue, Inc. of Oklahoma in funding Bear's OCD surgery. He did very well after surgery, and was walking sooner than expected. His foster family was reported to be doing a great job of taking care of Bear during his recovery period. LABMED was happy to be able to help give Bear a second chance at a happy, healthy life.


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