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Bear6, October 2003


Bear's story as told by his rescuer in Sterling, MA:

"The dog I am writing to you about is a 4 year old Black lab/Chow mix. I was originally told by the owner that he may have a "splinter in his foot" because he was limping on his right rear leg. I took him to the vet where he needed to be sedated and x-rayed. He was found to have a torn ligament in his rear right knee. He was started on Rimadyl with the plan for him to lose some weight and then have his needed surgery. I was told he was at risk for further injury due to his lameness and favoring his right leg, complicated by his weight.

Unfortunately, he has now injured his left rear knee, again with a torn ligament. He is quite lame now, only able to go out to go to the bathroom and come right back inside. He is in pain, is on Rimadyl twice each day. We had to make a ramp for him to get down the two stairs into the back yard. He now needs surgery on both hind legs. He is due back at the vet on September 3rd, when it will be decided which knee is worse (more painful) and should be operated on first. The vet is hopeful he will lose some weight by that time, so his knees will heal better after his surgery. This dog was given a complete exam including blood work, and was found to be healthy other than his weight and torn knee ligaments.

His hips and knees were x-rayed, and no arthritis has yet developed. I'm told that his prognosis for a healthy and happy life is excellent with his knee repairs. I am more than happy to keep this wonderful dog, (in fact cannot bear the thought of parting with him, even after only six days!), but CANNOT afford to pay for his two needed surgeries and care also associated with his knee problems. PLEASE HELP!!"

LABMED was happy to help pay for surgery on Bear's knees so that he can have the wished-for happy and healthy life with his new owner!

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