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Bear7, October 2003

Bear7 is the October Max's Memorial Fund Dog


Bear is one of the many Labs and Lab-mixes who have been treated for heartworms with funding assistance from LABMED. Like many strays, Bear tested positive for heartworms when he was rescued in Tulsa by volunteers with Lab Rescue, OK, Inc. The 5 year old black male Lab was found at a PetsMart store where the rescue organization was having an adoption day! The rescuers were so impressed with Bear's excellent temperament that they quickly arranged for foster care for him when no owner could be found.

Heartworms are spread to dogs through mosquito bites and can be prevented by the administration of a once-a-month pill. Although the prevention of heartworms is easy, killing the adult worms once they have established residence in a dog is another story. The treatment is very stressful for a dog. Bear had a particularly difficult time tolerating the treatment, but with careful confinement and limited activity for many weeks he is expected to make a complete recovery.

You can help us to honor Bear and his rescuers by spreading the word about the need for heartworm prevention. Not everyone is aware of how life-threatening heartworms can be and how simple it is to prevent them. There are very few areas of the US where heartworms are not a threat to the health of dogs for at least part of the year. Administering heartworm preventative on a regular basis is an important part of responsible dog ownership!

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