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Beau, April 1999

Beau Little Beau was abandoned and left to fend for himself by his owner who had moved away. As is too often the case with abandonment cases, Beau was quite the worse for wear when he was found by a compassionate neighbor. He was taken to the vet as he was one sick pup, and was diagnosed as having a low-grade form of Parvo. There was a suspicion of a gastric blockage. It seems that little Beau had ingested large amounts of a plastic bowl that was left with him in the yard of the house he used to call home.

Beau's rescuers were not in a financial position to underwrite the expenses of the parvo treatment and recuperation under verterinary care, nor the possible costs associated with a surgical operation. To their credit, they were able to contact several animal welfare assistance organizations based in Southern California as well as LABMED via the internet. Luckily, Beau showed signs of improvement after the third day in the veterinary hospital; his gastric blockage appeared to be a temporary condition and so thankfully, he was spared that operation! Beau was brought home to a foster home that did not have dogs, to avoid infecting other dogs with his serious disease.

After contributions were collected from Actors and Others for Animals, Lend a Paw, and the rescuers themselves, there was still a sizeable vet bill which needed paying, and LABMED agreed to pay the remaining balance of Beau's bill. We're happy to report that Beau is recovering nicely and will make someone a really nice pet.

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