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Beau2, July 2003


This friendly black pup had been hit by a car when he was three months old but his injured leg had never been treated. As he grew, the damaged leg became deformed as a result of the premature closure of the growth plates. By seven months of age, Beau was having difficulty walking on the crooked and bowed leg, but his owners were not able to pay for surgery to fix the leg. Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue (LELRR) came to the rescue and placed Beau in one of their foster homes while evaluating the options for surgery.

Although amputation was considered, the surgeon felt that because of Beau's young age, surgical correction of the deformed leg would most likely be successful. Beau would need a long recovery period because an external fixator would be needed to hold the mended bones in place while they healed. The outlook for Beau to have a normally functioning leg was excellent, however, and LELRR decided on the corrective surgery.

The surgeon provided a nice rescue discount, LELRR donated some of the funds needed for Beau's care, and LABMED agreed to help pay for the surgery itself. When Beau's leg has healed, he will be ready to find a new family to love him and keep him safe from cars!

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