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Bert (Benjamin), January 2001

Bert (Benjamin) is available for adoption, check the LABMED Adoption Page for contact information.

BertSad beginnings are the norm for many of LABMED's applicants. Bert's story isn't any different, except it may have a sadder beginning.

A tiny 7 or 8 week old pup was found abandoned at a farm near Jasper, Indiana. As with most abandoned dogs, this Lab pup was simply skin and bones. Being skinny and homeless weren't his only problems - he was missing part of his left rear leg. So far, there was only one thing going right for Bert - he was very fortunate to find his way to Rainbow Farms in Louisburg, Missouri.

At this stage, the leg wasn't healing, and infection was a great concern. Due to the fact that his leg ended right at his hock, there was still enough left for him to continue trying to use it. Being a pup, Bert's desire to play and keep up with his older friends kept him active. The problem was his stump became raw and started to show signs of possible infection. In addition, because he was still trying to constantly touch the ground with the non-existent foot, his spine was constantly being twisted, and his remaining back leg was being bowed. The rescuers consulted with their vet, and it was decided that the leg needed to be taken off completely.

The rescuers were prepared for the diagnosis and the course of action. Unfortunately they were not prepared for the cost of Bert's care; the surgery was beyond their limited resources. LABMED was contacted, and we were able to fund Bert's surgery.

Bert is now known as Benjamin, or just Ben. He is recuperating nicely, and great improvement is already noticeable. When he walks and runs his spine is straight, and his other back leg is being used in a more natural position. Ben hasn't any problem running, turning on a dime, going up and down stairs, or any of the other activities that a four-legged dog is able to do. Ben only needs one more thing - a permanent home.

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