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Blackie2, May 2003

Blackie2 is the May Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog

As the traffic sped by, this sweet and loving young black Lab was wandering along the side of the road in a rural community near Seattle, WA. It soon became clear, however, that even though she and another Lab had been rescued from this dangerous situation, Blackie had not escaped from her adventure unscathed. Once her rescuers had Blackie safe in their home, they noticed that she could not lift her tail at all and that she whimpered whenever she tried to sit down or stand up.

Blackie was taken to a local vet clinic where a preliminary exam showed swelling in her pelvic area. X-rays suggested that Blackie had been hit by a car. She had a fracture in her pelvic bone as well as several shattered vertebrae at the base of her spine. The recommended treatment was amputation of Blackie's tail to reduce pressure on her spinal cord and to allow the fractures to heal without having to support the weight of her tail. The outlook was good for Blackie to make a complete recovery, and the loss of her tail would not affect Blackie's ability to run and play in typical Lab fashion.

Blackie's surgery went well and once she has completely recovered she will be ready to find a new family who will keep her safe from traffic mishaps in the future!

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