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Blackie3, December 2003

Blackie's story as told by his new family:



Thank you for helping us help our Blackie. We were only supposed to be his foster family but as soon as we picked him up, our 15-year old son became Blackie's love object. We couldn't help but fall in love with this precious boy, his tongue hanging out one side of his face!!

On the day Blackie came to live with us, my husband and I felt that because CeeCee (our elderly Lab-mix) has had her better days and most likely will leave us soon, having Blackie would ease the sense of loss that lies ahead. When he got so sick (with Parvo) the following week, and it didn't look good for poor Blackie, we knew we had to help this guy survive no matter the cost. We knew when we decided to keep Blackie that he would end up costing us big bucks someday (because of his deformities - i.e. his stunted, crooked legs, very weak back legs and hunched back), we just didn't figure on seven days later.

Well, now Blackie is home, new and improved!!! Our son laughs daily now watching Blackie's antics and he is a frequent victim of Blackie's playtime!! Watching them together, laughing and playing is worth every cent we spent, even if Christmas is a little sparse.

Thank you again, and we will send a donation to help other Labs as our budget allows in the future!!

(Cascadia Basset Hound Rescue in Olympia, WA, rescued Blackie and also contributed to the costs of his medical care!)

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