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Black Lab, March 2003

Black Lab

Now what kind of name is that? Just Black Lab? Why would anyone name a dog just Black Lab? Maybe because that dog had been hit by a car, suffered a broken leg, wandered off, was rescued as a stray, owners were found and didn't want him, requesting instead to have him euthanized. That information in itself takes the focus off his name and helps us understand this situation more clearly.

Black Lab, a male 85-lb. 5-year-old dog of good nature, was found by Animal Control after being hit by a car; they took him to an animal clinic. Luckily one of the employees at this clinic in Massachusetts thought Black Lab deserved a second chance. She took the steps necessary to find financial aid for his required surgery. The fractured femur needed surgery to repair the fracture. With the help of NEARR (Northeast All Retriever Rescue), LLL (Labrador Life Line), and LABMED, Black Lab was able to have the necessary surgery and is on his way to a great future and new home; maybe even a new name.

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