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Blake2, September 2002


Anyone who has loved a lab knows that they friendly, enthusiastic and loving�and that sometimes their extreme devotion to meeting new people can get them into trouble. This is the case for Blake, a young black male who came into the Lake Erie Lab Rescue.

When Blake came into rescue, he was limping. The vet guessed that he had been hit by a car in the past, possibly searching for a new friend to play with. His hip had been broken in his accident and was never treated, so it had not healed properly. As a result Blake had difficulty and pain anytime he moved the leg.

Because of the limited funds of Blake�s rescue organization and the difficulty placing a dog with known physical problems, Lake Erie Rescue came to LABMED in hopes that something could be done to help with the repair of Blake�s leg and his potential to find a new home.

LABMED was happy to fund the repair of his hip, and with the hard work of Dr. Bob Esplin, the kind foster care of Lake Erie Lab Rescue and the financial support of LABMED, Blake is now ready to go to his forever home!

His foster mom says that the surgery was difficult because of the age of the injury, but there is now some definite muscle buildup�lopsided albeit, but there all the same. He uses the leg more when he runs too. His mom also said that Blake is coming along quite nicely in manners too except for recently when he took a straw ornament off the tree and demolished it!

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