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Boyd, April 2003


Rescuing a black Lab from an overcrowded shelter is commendable, but making sure he is properly cared for after that is going the extra mile - which is what dog rescue is all about, after all.

Boyd was rescued from a Georgia shelter by Labrador Life Rescue after the two year old gentle black Lab had been abandoned by his owner. When he arrived at a foster home, Boyd was seriously ill. His temperature was 106 degrees and he was coughing. The diagnosis was pneumonia. Boyd spent the next few days at a vet clinic receiving IV antibiotics and supportive care. Along with the pneumonia, Boyd had a severe whip and hook worm infestation and he tested positive for heartworm. In spite of all that, his prognosis was for a full recovery from all of his ailments.

This is a story with a very happy ending! With the combined efforts of LABMED, Labrador Life Line and Labrador Life Rescue, Boyd is now well on his way to a new (and better) life.

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