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Brody3, March 2004

Brody3 is a Jake's Memorial Fund Dog.


Brody, a five month old chocolate Lab puppy from Kingwood TX, is one lucky little puppy who was found and dropped off at a local veterinary clinic. Brody had been hit by a car and an examination revealed his injuries to include a broken pelvis, hip, and femur. Brody was in terrible pain and had the clinic not contacted Twyla's Friends, who contacted LABMED, Brody would not be here today.

Several attempts were made to contact the owners and once contacted, they just wanted to have him euthanized, but Twyla's Friends and LABMED knows that puppies are not disposable.

Brody's injuries were fixed in surgery and his doctor took him home to monitor him over several nights. Brody then went on crate rest for a while until he had healed a bit. Brody is a very happy little puppy today and is running and playing with the other dogs. Brody is almost ready to go to his forever home just as soon as he is healed completely.

It is not very hard to be a responsible pet owner. Periodically check your yard and fencing before you let your precious pup out to play. Be sure to keep enough toys around to keep your pup from getting bored. Make sure your pup has a collar and an updated tag in case your pup gets lost.

Brody sends a big thanks to all who helped save his life by supporting LABMED!

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