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Brownie2, October, 2000

Brownie We can only guess that Brownie had been neglected for most of his five years, but his plight went unnoticed until his owner beat him severely. Horrified neighbors contacted the authorities. Brownie was given medical attention, and after a week of hospital care he was placed in protective custody in an animal shelter. Remarkably, Brownie still showed a great love and trust for humans.

But Brownie's woes were not over: during the four months that he spent at the shelter while his case worked its way through the courts, Brownie contracted the Parvo virus and nearly died. Only the heroic efforts of the staff at the veterinary hospital pulled him through. Once custody of Brownie had been awarded to a rescue organization, it was time to look for a wonderful caring home for him. However, more bad news was just around the corner: Brownie tested positive for heartworm. At this point, LABMED was contacted and quickly voted to fund the heartworm treatment that Brownie needed.

Through all of his troubles, Brownie's gentle, loving spirit never faltered and his friendly personality won the hearts of everyone who came in contact with him. Brownie is now in good health and is patiently waiting for the loving family that he so richly deserves.

Update, January, 2001

Brownie found his forever home; here is a note from his foster mom:

"Brownie 2" came to Crow Haven Farm for his cage-rest and hand-walk recuperation period following the heartworm treatment, and he was a joy to have visiting. In the flesh and fur he was a lot redder in color...much more like a copper I renamed him "Red." It seemed to suit him better, and I thought maybe it was a good break with his past.

Anyway, "Red" was here for quite a while....and just before Christmas, with the help of the local Golden Retrievers In Need (GRIN) group, we matched the dog up with a wonderful family. So Brownie2 a.k.a. "Red" is in his forever home.

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