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Brownie4, August 2002


On May 2, 2002, near Terrell, Texas, a compassionate couple on their way home from work found two very loving puppies, Brownie 4 and Brownie 5, by the side of a country road. Fortunately for these two young male Labs, the driver stopped and rescued them, taking them to a local veterinarian for an assessment and care. Not more than 6 months old, the puppies were infested with ticks and fleas. Brownie 4 had a broken leg that the veterinarian splinted. Both puppies had mange on their heads and legs. Complete care was provided, including immunizations, boosters, antibiotics, dips, and heartworm prevention injections.

With three dogs and four cats of their own, the rescuers knew they could not keep Brownie 4 and Brownie 5 forever. Nor could they afford all of the veterinary costs. That's when they approached LABMED for help with a portion of the bill. The rescuers sought help in finding a permanent home for the two Brownies by contacting a representative from the local Lab Rescue organization. Even though there was a shortage of prospective homes, the representative promised to work hard to find the puppies a good home. In the meantime, Brownie 4 and Brownie 5 were guaranteed tender loving care by their devoted rescuers. With their whole lives ahead of them, we all wish for the happiest of forever homes for Brownies 4 and 5!

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