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Buddy13, January, 2002

Buddy13 The chocolate Lab was running alongside the road, and his rescuer watched as a car narrowly averted collision with the young dog. This kind man took the Lab home with him, and tried unsuccessfully to find the dog's owners. In the meantime, the dog began his work on the rescuer's heart, leading him to decide that this was the perfect companion for his black Lab and rescued Aussie.

A few days later, the dog now named Buddy began having seizures, approximately one per hour. Buddy was rushed to the vet, where he spent the weekend. After being stabilized and diagnosed with probable epilepsy, he was sent back to the rescuer's house, but not before a sizable bill had accumulated. Buddy13Though the rescuer was prepared to take on the routine expenses of adding another pet to the household, and remained committed to Buddy despite the diagnosis of epilepsy and the expense of daily medication to keep the seizures under control, the unexpected ER bills were more than he could handle. He applied to LABMED for assistance, and we were pleased to help him out.

Today Buddy is a "happy guy" who is enjoying life to the fullest, and who has remained seizure-free since that first frightening weekend. He's gained weight and has become a true part of the family.

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