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Buddy2, January, 1999

Buddy2 When she saw a dog sitting on a hill across the street from her house, she had no way of knowing that he would change her life. He got up and went to hobble away, unable to use one of his back legs. She felt sorry for the poor thing when she realized that he was injured. She took him to the Clay County Humane Society Animal Clinic (located in Florida) to find out what she might do to help him out. After evaluating his case, the vet confirmed what she feared...the hip was dislocated, a result of blunt trauma (hit by a car, or violently kicked) happening about a week prior (according to the x-rays).

Fortunately for her, a LABMED Board Member happened to take note of the sweet faced yellow Lab outside her office window. As she walked past the woman and the Lab on her way to the clinic, she stopped to chat, and subsequently told the woman about LABMED. This sweet boy, named Buddy2, underwent FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) at the clinic on January 22nd, at which time he was also neutered. His check up a week later revealed that the femor head is staying very tightly in place, a GREAT sign for Buddy2! The woman who found Buddy2, a nurse by vocation, has been doing therapy work on his leg, stretching it and taking him for short walks to get the movement back in the joint.

Buddy2 hasn't just overcome the odds as a rescued Lab, but he's made Lab-lovers out of his finder's entire family! Though she's never owned a Lab, Buddy2's nurse says she can understand why the breed is as popular as it is. She also says that she will certainly be looking for a rescue Lab when it comes time to add to their family. That Lab temperament wins 'em over every time right, Buddy2?!

Updates on Buddy2

February, 1999: "the latest is that Buddy 2 is living the high life on a farm here in Florida..."

March, 1999: An update from Buddy2's new 'Mom': she said she was going to be taking pics of Buddy2 running down the sidewalk with one of the boys on the skateboard...he follows him all the way keeping a watchful eye on him!

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