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Buddy21, May 2003

Buddy21 is a Murphy's Memorial Fund Dog.


Buddy's unknown history has all the makings of a classic mystery story: how did a handsome, purebred black Lab end up covered with ticks and scavenging for food on a country road in the middle of nowhere? Was he just lost or had he been abandoned? Clearly, Buddy had been on his own for some time since he was very thin and malnourished. An old collar hanging loosely on his neck indicated that Buddy once had an owner and that he used to be much more robust.

While we will never solve this mystery, we can rejoice that Buddy's story has a happy ending! A kind passer-by spotted Buddy on the side of the road near Kenton, OH, and chose to stop and help him rather than just driving by. Buddy was very frightened and skittish, but his rescuer was patient and took the time to approach Buddy quietly, even crawling on her hands and knees so as not to scare him further. Eventually, Buddy overcame his fear and allowed himself to be gently held by his collar and taken to the car of his rescuer.

Buddy happily settled down in his new foster home, making friends with the resident dogs and showing a great liking for children. Veterinary treatment was needed to deal with Buddy's severe infestation with ticks and other parasites, however, and LABMED was contacted for assistance in paying Buddy's medical bills. We were happy to be able to help restore this wonderful dog to good health and give him a second chance to belong to a loving family. No more mysteries for Buddy!

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