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Buddy9, November, 2000

Buddy9Our 200th Dog Funded!

This 3 year old yellow boy was adopted from Wayne County Humane Society; he was a stray, about to be put down. Buddy's new mom noticed right away that something was wrong with one of his rear legs; Buddy was limping and favoring that leg. She had him checked by a vet who did a simple manipulation and said Buddy would need an operation because his ligament within the joint was torn. No x-rays or further examination was done.

Since the estimate for the surgery was very high, she contacted the rescuer who had helped her adopt Buddy. The rescuer offered to contact LABMED for her since Buddy's new mom didn't have Internet access. LABMED received pictures and an email about Buddy at that time but for some reason communication between the rescuer and Buddy's new mom halted until Buddy's mom asked about the funding recently. Since Buddy's mom now has Internet access, LABMED asked her to fill out an application.

Buddy9Buddy's mom also took him to a different vet to check what was wrong with his leg. This vet took x-rays and found out that Buddy did not have a joint problem, he had a femoral neck fracture. The vet suggested an FHO. LABMED agreed to pay for Buddy's x-rays and surgery.

Buddy had his surgery on December 14 and went home the day after. His mom is happy and has promised LABMED that when he jumps on her for the first time she will not yell at him. She has taken time off work so she can be home with Buddy during his recuperation.

Update: January, 2001

Buddy's mom wrote:

He is playing!!!! He never played before. Still very respectful and timid but when you get down on the floor with him he takes the stance of "Okay give me all you got!" Front paws splayed and hips in the air--tail wagging.

He can walk very far now and unfortunately my legs give out before his do. I am sure he could go even farther if it weren't for my dead weight!!

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