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Buster5, January 2003


In autumn of 2002, an 85-pound male yellow Lab, thought to be 2 years old, was found by a rescuer who noticed him wandering the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana. Signs, newspaper ads, and a report filed at the local ASPCA produced a call from a man who said he'd gotten the dog from a coworker who had picked him up as a stray. The caller said he'd had the dog for only 10 days, and he didn't want him back.

Poor sweet-natured Buster was the victim of a chain of neglectful owners. Fortunately for Buster, however, his rescuer was willing to foster him until a forever home could be found.

First, however, Buster's medical problems required attention. He was heartworm positive, and he had a sore on his leg that required antibiotic therapy. When his platelet count fell dangerously low, he was tested for exposure to rodent poison. The result was negative, and the platelet abnormality was determined to be a side effect of the antibiotic. Buster's platelet count returned to normal, and after his general health improved, he was treated for heartworms.

The team of "angels" who helped Buster include his foster Mom, the veterinarian who provided comprehensive care and a rescue discount, all the people involved in the search for his forever home, and LABMED, who paid a substantial portion of Buster's veterinary fees. The effort was well worth everyone's time. Buster's team got the best possible reward, that of seeing him get the second chance he undoubtedly deserved!

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