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Cassidy, January 2002

CassidyCassidy--thin, suffering from scabies, and heartworm positive, wandered to the home of a kind-hearted gentleman who contacted a local Georgia rescue to see if they could take her. Fortunately, the rescue was able to take in this gentle and loving yellow girl even though it was December and the holidays were fast approaching. The rescue owner at first called her Mollie, but to prevent confusion with her own dog, the name was changed to Cassidy.

While in rescue, Cassidy was found to have already had one litter of pups--and she was estimated to be only a year or two of age, leading her rescuers to believe she may have been in a puppy mill. Her foot pads were worn, leading them to believe she had done a lot of walking to escape from wherever she had been.

LABMED was contacted to help with the funding needed to make Cassidy whole and healthy again and we were happy to help. The treating veterinarian also granted a discount, further helping this wonderful girl. Cassidy has been spayed, is gaining some much-needed weight, and is being treated for her ailments. She'll be ready for her forever home soon!

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