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Chance10, August 2003

Chance10 is the August Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog


This young black male Lab was found running loose in a neighborhood near Tampa, FL. Lucky for Chance, the folks who found him were dedicated rescuers of Dalmatians, with a group called Saving Dals One-by-One. Despite his lack of spots, these kind neighbors included Chance in their rescue efforts. They placed ads in the paper, posted signs in the neighborhood and contacted the local shelters. No one stepped forward to claim Chance.

Chance was found to have Class 3 heartworms. He was coughing frequently, indicating that the heartworm disease was in an advanced state. In spite of this, the vet felt that Chance would survive the heartworm treatment and recover his health.

The rescuers wrote: "As long as he is given the proper care during the treatment, he should be fine. He also needs to be neutered which we will do once he has been treated and successfully recovered from the heartworm treatment. We expect this to take about 3 - 4 months and are fully prepared to take excellent care of him to see him through. Then we will begin our search for a lifelong loving new home for him."

LABMED was happy to contribute to funding Chance's heartworm treatment, and we are very grateful to the Dalmatian rescue group for opening their hearts - and wallets - to save this homeless Lab.

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