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Chance6, January 2002


Chance6 is a handsome black boy with a charming smile. Found lying alongside a road in Florida, his rescuer posted signs, placed newspaper ads and checked with local Humane Societies in hopes of finding his owners. No one came forward, so his rescuer took him to the vet for a check-up. There it was discovered that this friendly boy was suffering from a condition all too common among the cases we see - heartworms. His rescuer applied to LABMED for assistance, and we were happy to help this happy black Lab. Chance has now had all his heartworm treatment injections, and is recovering nicely. In the words of his rescuer . . .

"Chance is doing great. He's such a good dog! It is beyond my understanding how someone could neglect any animal, but there are still those who think of an animal as mere property and feel it is their prerogative to "dispose" of an animal as they see fit. He definitely deserves a much better life than what he had previously experienced. Everyone who has meets Chance comments on his wonderful disposition.

Although he experienced some side effects from the treatment, he's always been eager to be petted and loved on. He's gaining weight, is much more energetic, and there's a small glimmer of mischief in his eyes. . his favorite pastime is to sneak into the bedroom and make himself comfortable on the bed before the rest of us have the opportunity to take up space. I'm sure that he will find other more creative outlets for his energy once he is released from crate rest."

He has adapted well to all of the other animals...including two Jack Russells, Beagladors (Beagle/Lab mix rescue puppies), ten cats, two horses, one rat, and one fish. He's smitten with our smaller Jack Russell, Muffy, and it is funny to watch him follow her around; she has him wrapped around her paw. I'm not sure if he realizes how large of a dog he is but he seems to think that he should be a lap dog. He's decided that the three legged cat is the "alpha dog" of the menagerie and he respectfully gives her a wide clearance when she walks past.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone at LABMED for helping us with Chance. He really is deserving of a second chance and his great personality has won over my husband...the one who keeps telling me if I bring home one more animal he's going to leave."

LABMED is delighted that we were able to help provide Chance with the opportunity to win over his rescuer's hubby, and wish him the "happily ever after" every good dog deserves.

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