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Chance8, February 2003


Chance is a 6 year old chocolate male Lab who was adopted after being rescued from a home where he lived outside with more than 100 other dogs. His new owner took him promptly to a veterinarian in Birmingham, AL for a complete health review, and found that Chance had quite a number of medical problems. Chance had a hernia that resulted in one testicle being abnormally enlarged, he had a severe skin and ear infection, his teeth were worn down from chewing on a chain-link fence, and he tested positive for heartworms.

All of the costs for the needed medical treatments were more than Chance's adopter had bargained for, and LABMED was contacted for help in restoring Chance to health. We were happy to be able to contribute to Chance's medical rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Chance was being rehabilitated as a Lab in his new home! Chance did not know how to play fetch, and he had evidently never seen a dog toy. With another chocolate Lab in the family to show him the way, however, Chance was soon on the way to being a proper Lab as well as a good friend and faithful companion to his new owner.

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