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Chance9, April 2003

Chance9 is the April Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog


When Chance was surrendered by his owners to a German Shepherd rescue group in Wisconsin, this beautiful pup was not acting like a typical Lab. In addition to being depressed and lethargic, he had a heart murmur. A visit to a vet confirmed that at only one year of age, Chance was severely infested with heartworms. If only his owners had provided him with a simple, once-a-month heartworm preventive, Chance would not have had to endure the stressful treatment to kill the life-threatening heartworms. The treatment includes several injections of Immiticide followed by weeks of limited activity to prevent damage to the lungs as the adult heartworms die.

The German Shepherd rescue group contacted Packerdogs Lab Rescue near Green Bay, WI, and Packerdogs promptly took responsibility for Chance, placing him in a foster home and starting his heartworm treatment immediately. Packerdogs Lab Rescue in turn contacted LABMED, and we were happy to help fund the treatment to restore this lovely young Lab to health. Keeping a young Lab inactive for weeks on end is a real challenge! But Chance tolerated the initial heartworm treatment well and the outlook is bright that he will soon be able to romp and play and chase tennis balls to his heart's content. Once he has completed his recovery, Chance will be ready to find a new family who will not only appreciate his sweet nature but also keep him safe and healthy by regular administration of heartworm preventive. All Labs should be so lucky!

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