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Charlie7, May 2003

Charlie7 is available for adoption, check the LABMED Adoption Page for contact information.


Charlie was much the worse for wear after her encounter with a speeding car. Although the young yellow female Lab escaped without any broken bones, she had a long laundry list of injuries, including multiple contusions and abrasions to her hind legs, several large wounds on her head and chest, three damaged feet, and blood in her lungs from the impact. Whew! It was quite a project to put Charlie back together again.

Although no major surgery was required, Charlie needed to be sedated for the suturing, cleaning and debriding of her many deep tissue wounds. Rescued from the animal shelter where she had been taken, Charlie was cared for by a veterinary clinic in Morrow, GA, and would be placed in a foster home by Georgia Lab Rescue as soon as she was able to leave the hospital setting. Charlie remained good-humored throughout all of her extensive treatments, including hydrotherapy for her extensive leg wounds. Although Charlie has not had much training, she has all the making of a wonderful family pet, according to the vets who treated her. LABMED was contacted for help in paying the bills and we were pleased to be able to participate in restoring Charlie to good health.

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