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Chevy, October 2003

Chevy is a Murphy's Memorial Fund Dog.


A one-year-old yellow male Lab was found running along the side of a busy highway near Tulsa, OK. Luckily for Chevy, he was noticed and rescued by the veterinarian at a nearby Emergency Veterinary Clinic. His rescuer called Lab Rescue OK who took over the responsibility for Chevy. When no owner could be found, an adoptive family was quickly lined up for Chevy.

Before Chevy could be adopted, though, his irritated eyes needed treatment.�Chevy was found to have entropion (a turning inward of the eyelashes) on both his lower eyelids. This is a painful condition and can possibly cause some loss of vision if not corrected surgically. The outlook was good for Chevy to make a complete recovery, though. LABMED was contacted and agreed to help pay for Chevy's surgery.

The vet described Chevy as a typical, bouncy adolescent lab who will be a great dog when he grows up! Chevy will no doubt make life lively and exciting for his new family as soon as his recovery is complete.

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