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Coby, December 2003

Coby is the December Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog


This handsome black male Lab endured more than three weeks at a shelter, waiting patiently for the owners who never came to claim him. The shelter staff appreciated the good temperament of this outgoing and playful dog, noting that he loved everyone he met. Coby was friendly with other dogs, cats and even with rabbits!

Coby was rescued from the shelter by volunteers with Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue (CCLRR) and taken to a vet for a routine health check. Unfortunately, Coby tested positive for heartworms and would need to be treated before a new home could be found for him.

Heartworms can easily be prevented with a monthly pill but are difficult and expensive to treat once they have taken up residence in a dog. Heartworm preventatives kill the immature worms in a dog's blood and have little or no effect on the dog. Killing the adult worms is very stressful for a dog, though, requiring hospitalization and many weeks of limited activity to prevent damage to the lungs as the adult heartworms die and are excreted.

The vet provided a discount for the expensive treatment, CCLRR provided funds for much of Coby's medical care, and LABMED help to pay for the heartworm medication.�Happily, Coby recovered uneventfully from the heartworm treatment and can look forward to a healthy life with his new family!

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