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Coco4, April 2003

Coco4's story as told by her rescuer:


On Wednesday, March 26, I walked into the newspaper office where I work and happened to see a picture of a pathetic looking chocolate Lab, obviously either pregnant or a very recent mother. We were going to run the picture in the paper as we do from time to time for the local animal shelter. On my way home that afternoon, I stopped by the shelter to inquire about the picture of the Lab. Poor little girl dog looked like she'd been used and abused and left to fend for herself. I was hooked on her picture. (The next day) I stopped by and took her home with me...for a test run.

Coco spent the weekend with me (and) I knew she had found a new home. Monday morning, I got a call from the vet - he said she had tested positive for heartworm. A friend of mine had been on the internet and found the LABMED site. I got on it, made application immediately, as the guidelines indicated I must apply within 2 weeks after adoption, and I was within a day of deadline.

I received a check (from LABMED) within days after Coco's initial treatment for heartworm. We had the vet bill paid, but Coco was not out of the woods. She held a fever and the routine antibiotics that were included in her treatment were not doing the job. The vet wanted to see her every few days to check her progress. I literally had to lift Coco off the couch and put her legs under her, she was so weak. The vet put her on steroids and a super strong antibiotic. Then I had to keep her quiet for 4 weeks! At first she was so ill, she didn't want to move. I actually watched to make sure she was still breathing at times. She got stronger and after the 4 weeks, I took her back for her final treatment to kill the eggs in her blood. Then the final 2 weeks of keeping her quiet. This was very hard as she was feeling better and would jump and run right in the house! Finally, as of yesterday the 6 quiet weeks are over, and she can be free to romp!

The time for "quietness" is over and I have a very happy and healthy (thanks to the benevolent souls at LABMED) chocolate Lab. She races around like crazy, she retrieves a ball, she rolls on her back in the grass, she makes all sorts of sounds when she wants attention. She roots under my elbow demanding attention and hugs. Yes, she thinks she is a lap dog. She has 65 acres to run around on and she goes exploring every morning...even on my days off when I would like to sleep in, Coco is at my bed no later than 7 a.m. to get me up for a new day of adventure.

I'd be sending a picture with this if she'd ever hold still long enough for me to shoot. We love her and she loves us. Thanks to YOU. I'll be getting an article in our local paper about this soon. THANKS AGAIN LABMED!

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