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Cole, February 2003


Cole, a four month old black Lab puppy, ended up with his rescuers due to an unfortunate circumstance. Cole was unwanted by his breeder because he was born with a congenital birth defect, a cleft palate. Cole's rescuers took him in not realizing that the cleft palate would require surgical repair.

His rescuers wrote: "When we started to look for a home for him we needed to start his puppy shots. At that time we were told that he had a major sinus infection that could be cleared up with antibiotics but because of the palate being open into the sinus cavity, Cole was destined to have infection after infection. His outlook would not be good if the palate was not fixed. That is when we took the long hard road of looking into what to do????... This surgery was not something that we could afford on our own especially if we came into complications. We searched the web; the local humane societies, shelters, breeder organizations, vet hospitals and we kept ending up on the front door step (so to speak) of LABMED..."

LABMED agreed to help fund the surgery to repair Cole's cleft palate. The surgery had to be delayed when Cole (a typical Lab puppy!) ate a large rock that became stuck in his mouth. He ended up in the hospital to have this extracted, and then he had to fight off another palate infection. But eventually a very happy ending was reported by his rescuers:


"Time came to have surgery and all went exceptionally well. Although on his post op check up Cole had a small opening directly behind his teeth in the top portion of the palate. He needed to go back in and have surgery once again. This time it was a complete success. Cole left us a few weeks ago to have a newfound life with a wonderful woman (who is a nurse) who lives nearby. It was a very sad day around here to see him go. Only seeing him gallop into her vehicle like a tall lanky young stallion made our hearts ease a little. Without LABMED our children would not have been able to see the miracle of life extended through the outreaching hands of this wonderful organization. LABMED and their awesome crew of volunteers will forever remain in our thoughts and prayers. These animals (like our own children) deserve the right to a chance at life regardless of handicap and because of LABMED that chance was taken. Thank you and God  Bless..."

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