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Corey, May, 2000

CoreyCorey was at an animal shelter in New Castle, PA, when his rescuer found him. This nice yellow Lab was a stray but the staff at the shelter managed to find his owners. When the owners heard that Corey was at the shelter, they told the shelter worker who called them that they had a new puppy and they did not want Corey anymore; he was signed over to the shelter. Sadly this kind of thing happens all too often.

Corey's luck took a turn for the better when he was spotted by a lady who volunteers with Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue.She took him out of the shelter to foster him until a good home could be found for him. While in foster care, Corey started to urinate blood. He was taken to be examined by a vet immediately and was diagnosed with an acute bacterial infection of the kidneys and the bladder. Corey responded well to antibiotics; bloodwork indicated that there was no permanent damage and a full recovery is expected. His vet was certain that there wouldn't be a re-occurrence and she believed that Corey got the infection during his time as a stray when he was - as the vet put it - "running around visiting other dogs".

Corey's rescuer had rescued other dogs that were helped by LABMED and she applied for help with Corey. LABMED was glad to help her with Corey, he was already getting better and we knew that he would recover completely.

Corey stayed in foster care until he was healthy again, then went to his forever home. He now lives with a wonderful family on a big farm where he has lots of room to run and play. There is also a little boy who loves to tug and pull on Corey and the gentle Lab doesn't seem to mind one bit. Corey has adjusted well to his new home and his new family loves him very much; they told his rescuer that he is just what they wanted.

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