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Cricket, March 2003


Once a homeless stray, Cricket was rescued by Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in Golden, CO. This lovely seven year old black female Lab was gentle and sweet but had plenty of energy left for Labrador fun. Cricket did not remain lively for long, though, when the kennel cough she picked up at the shelter turned into pneumonia. Cricket needed to be hospitalized at a vet clinic to receive IV fluids and antibiotics to combat the raging infection in her lungs. Happily, she made a good recovery and several weeks later was pronounced to be in excellent health and ready for adoption.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue applied to LABMED for assistance in paying for Cricket's medical care, and we were happy to help give this wonderful Lab a second chance in life. The treating vet also provided a nice discount, along with the opinion that Cricket was a purebred Lab and a very nice one at that!

We were very touched to receive this note from Cricket's rescuers: "(We) started Safe Harbor Lab Rescue last May. Today we opened the envelope from LABMED. Saps that we are, we both burst into tears! We even had goosebumps! Thank you so much for the donation to help defray lovely Miss Cricket's cost of care. It makes a big difference for us. We are grateful to be beneficiaries of your organization's hard work. Cricket (now Talitha), sends lots of Lab love your way."

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