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Cubby2, January, 2001

Cubby2 The handsome black male Lab was discovered in a shelter in Orange County, CA, by a volunteer with the All Retriever Rescue Foundation (ARRF). Unclaimed after several days, this friendly tail-wagger was rescued by the ARRF volunteer who named him Cubby and took him home to foster.

Cubby's rescuer quickly noticed that Cubby had a hard time getting up and down, and was reluctant to jump in or out of her truck. She took Cubby promptly to a vet to have him evaluated, and it turned out that Cubby's pain was coming from a disc in his spine. An MRI was needed to determine if a tumor was present. Luckily, though, the problem turned out to be a severely infected disc which could be surgically repaired.

The surgery selected for Cubby (a lumbrosacral laminectomy) went well, although his early recovery was painful. The good news is that there is little or no chance of a reoccurrence of the disc infection, and Cubby is not likely to have any further spinal problems in the future. An otherwise happy and healthy Lab, Cubby is expected to live a normal and active life.

LABMED was contacted and we were happy to help fund Cubby's surgery, with ARRF and Cubby's rescuer paying a substantial part of the cost also. And for a fairy-tale ending, Cubby has found his forever home, too - his rescuer and her husband decided that they could not part with Cubby and have permanently added him to their family!

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