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Deuce, March 2003


"We would appreciate any type of assistance that LABMED would be able to offer us in the care of Deuce. He has won all hearts of those at the Emergency Clinic and Veterinary Clinic and deserves this chance."

It wouldn�t be easy to turn down a request for financial assistance after reading a statement like that, would it?

Deuce was picked up as a stray by the local Montgomery County, Texas, Animal Control. He was turned over to SETXLR (Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.) Although newspapers were searched for ads of a missing dog and time was allotted for the owners to show up, no one ever stepped forward to claim him. This black male Lab/Mastiff mix of 98 pounds and one and a half years was loved by all who met him and all involved were determined to keep him from being euthanized.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia on Valentine�s Day, a Friday. The vet's office did not have weekend hours, so he had to be taken to an Emergency Clinic for around the clock weekend care. While at the Emergency Clinic, more x-rays were taken after he experienced several bouts of vomiting and not being able to eat. Although it was thought that he had an obstruction in his intestines nothing showed up. Tissue samples were sent off to be biopsied and he was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (CIBD). This simply meant that Deuce could live a normal life as long as he is kept on bland food.

Upon leaving the Emergency Clinic, he returned to his regular vet where he stayed for 3 more days before being allowed to return to his foster home with medication for the pneumonia.

LABMED was of great assistance to SETXLR when their group first got started and was now called upon to help. It was voted by LABMED to help with the financing of his care.

In the game of tennis or table tennis a deuce requires winning two successive points to win the game. In the game of life for Deuce his winning was in assistance from LABMED, SETXLR, and many other caring people.

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