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Dillon, December 2001

DillonStray animals don't fare too well in our cities or rural areas of the country. Such was the case for Dillon, a handsome yellow two year old Lab found wandering in Western North Carolina. The Charlotte Animal Control Center had picked up Dillon on one of his daily jogs wandering in search of food. The took him to the animal shelter and contacted his owners. His owners would not come to the shelter and claim Dillon, so he now faced an uncertain future.

Dillon found his second chance when his rescuer happened to visit this animal shelter facility, which she does infrequently when in the area. She found this badly malnourished yellow boy complete with heartworms and roundworms. Even knowing he had problems, she couldn't resist his sweet, gentle, and attentive personality. She knew the statistics in this part of North Carolina were not good for a skinny heartworm sick dog to be adopted. Dillon went home with his rescuer that day.

After rescuing him from the shelter she took him straight to the veterinarian for treatment and an examination. The vet treated Dillon for internal parasites and routine shots to keep him healthy. Dillon's new owner was advised about the heartworm treatments and problems associated in keeping an active teen-age dog calm while the heartworms slowly died off.

Forewarned is forearmed in Dillon's rescuer's case and she turned to LABMED for help in treating his heartworms. She had read about LABMED in a timely Reader's Digest article and was hopeful that we could help them both. LABMED was happy to help with Dillon's heartworm treatment expenses. Still thinking she'd find Dillon a good home soon, she agreed to have him neutered later in the year and to help with his other expenses to get him back to good health.

DillonWhile going through his heartworm injection treatments he quickly attached himself to his rescuer. Using his innate charm, gentle manners and soleful Lab eyes, Dillon managed to squirm his way into his rescuer's heart. She knew finding Dillon a forever home would be difficult at this point so she did the only thing she could: she adopted him! Dillon now had a wonderful new home.

Today Dillon not only has a wonderful dog lover for an owner, but a friend named Jake. Jake was at first not too pleased to see Dillon when he arrived, but has since warmed up and they are fast friends now. Dillon, completely free from his dangerous bout with heartworms, has tucked his dreams of a carefree life on the road firmly behind him. He thoroughly enjoys his second chance at life and is loving every minute of it.

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