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Donner, January 2002

Donner Donner is a black, male Lab that was rescued in California. He had been picked up as a stray when his rescuer, a volunteer at the shelter, saw him. The rescuer also works with So. Bay Pure-bred Rescue, and they pulled Donner from the shelter. Donner was taken to the vet, where it was found that he had a mass in his abdomen that needed to be removed and tested. LABMED helped to fund Donner's diagnostic mass removal surgery.

Donner's vet found that the mass was the remains of an undecended testicle that was wrapped around a kidney. The kidney was removed too, as it had been non-functional for some time. When the pathological report came in, the diagnosis was rhabdomyosarcoma, ureter with metastasis to proximal ureter and kidney. The vet felt that he had gotten all of the malignancy out, and Donner's prognosis was good.

Donner did very well after surgery. The vet gave clearance for his adoption as soon as his stitches were out. LABMED is pleased to have been able to help with Donner's second chance at a healthy life in a loving home.

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