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Dora, March 2004


Dora is a purebred Lab from Wisconsin who had the misfortune to be sitting in the middle of a country road where she was hit by a car. The person who hit her rushed her to the vet. They were able to find the owner of the dog who they notified about the accident. The owner did not wish to pay for the needed surgery, and was going to have Dora euthanized. The vet was able to talk the owner into surrendering Dora to him.

Dora had a badly broken back leg which required surgery to pin in place. The leg then became infected and required additional treatment with antibiotics. For a while, it looked as if amputation would be necessary, but the leg did finally heal. LABMED helped to fund Dora's treatment and she is enjoying a second chance with her new family. Dora's rescuer adopted her.

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