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Douglas, July 2002

Douglas At the age of 3 months and weighing just 12 pounds, Douglas was found
wandering around a construction site. The construction worker who found the young black Lab called a local rescue group called "Lab Life Rescue". Then he took the pup to a veterinarian, where he was greeted by a representative from the Lab Life Rescue group.

Poor Douglas had a collar around his neck that had begun to grow into his skin. Worse yet, he had extensive injuries to his front leg, which was twisted so severely that his paw pads were facing upward. He had been dragging his foot in this uncomfortable position for what may have been a month, which had rubbed his paw raw. Douglas also had an infection that had caused him to lose weight.

In spite of his discomfort, Douglas was sweet and gentle and seemed to know that people were trying to help him. The nerve damage was so severe that Douglas's leg had to be amputated, but the veterinarian expected him to recover fully. With the applicant willing to pay half of the medical bills and foster him until a good home could be found, LABMED was happy to help pay for the veterinary care that gave Douglas a second chance!

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