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Dusty3, March 2003


I've heard that things are bigger in Texas, but are they better? How could a 75 pound male 2 year old yellow Lab be wandering in the Kingwood area without a collar? Where were his owners? All good questions but, unfortunately, ones we cannot answer. What we can tell you is that this dog was found by a woman outside a local liquor store and brought to Twyla's Friends, a rescue/adoptive group for mixed breed dogs.

Many methods of attempts were made to find his owner, including signs and notification to all vet clinics. He was limping badly on his right rear leg with beginning signs of arthritis in his knee joint and atrophy of leg muscles.

An examination by a veterinarian determined that surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament and stretched miniscus ligament was necessary. The vet was willing to give a generous rescue discount. One of the volunteers for Twyla's Friends knew of the work of LABMED so we were contacted. Partial funding for the surgery was provided and Dusty's story has a happy, bigger and better, bright ending.

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