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Dutch2, December 2002

Dutch2 Dutch is an eight year old chocolate Lab who was surrendered by his owners to an animal control shelter in Crawford County, IIlinois. In a lucky turn of events for Dutch, he was removed from the shelter by a local rescue organization and placed in a foster home.

Poor Dutch had been so stressed by his unexpected transfer from a home to a shelter that he stopped eating and became very thin. Although the foster family did everything to coax Dutch to start eating again - tempting him with such goodies as boiled beef, rice, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, tuna and chicken - Dutch was unable to keep anything down. When Dutch was still not eating after a week, the foster mom was alarmed enough to take Dutch to a vet for a thorough exam. Bloodwork did not show any medical reason for Dutch's upset stomach, so the vet recommended a special prescription diet in the hopes that Dutch could tolerate it. LABMED was glad to help to pay for the costs of the diagnostic blood work for Dutch.

Fortunately, Dutch was able to enjoy small meals of his special food, and before long he was gradually switched back to a regular, high quality dog food. It was a happy day when Dutch's collar needed to be let out a notch or two! And it was a very good sign of Dutch's recovering health when he found a frozen tennis ball in the yard and begged for a few retrieves! Once Dutch has gained back his lost weight, he will be neutered and ready to move on to a permanent, loving home.

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