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Ellie2, February, 2002

Ellie2 The pretty black Lab with the white spot on her chest wandered into an inviting yard. When the soon-to-be-rescuer came out of her house, she was surprised to see the Lab there. She went door to door throughout her neighborhood trying to find the dog's home, and made several phone calls as well, but no one claimed this friendly pup. Unable to turn away a lost dog, the rescuer brought her in and began calling her Ellie.

Ellie was responsive to typical commands, and housebroken, but did not appear to have been treated very well. Her nails had grown out very long, and if she was told "no" she cowered as if expecting abuse. The rescuer took her to the vet, who thought she was about four years old, and discovered that Ellie had a yeast infection in her ears and a severe case of tapeworms.

Ellie2Ellie's rescuer applied to LABMED for assistance with the medical bills, as she could not afford the treatment needed to restore Ellie's good health in addition to having her spayed. As Ellie and her rescuer were located in Nashville, TN, one of LABMED's Board Members was given the pleasure of meeting the two of them in person. This doesn't happen often, but is always special when it does occur. Assured that Ellie was a Lab with a typical happy Lab temperament, the Board voted to fund Ellie's medical procedures, freeing up her rescuer's funds for the required spay surgery.

Today Ellie is back in good health, and is "doing wonderfully" according to her rescuer. Interestingly enough, her rescuer became concerned over Ellie's constant and severe bad breath, and took her to the vet to find out why it was so bad. Poor Ellie had a piece of stick lodged in the back of her mouth. She was not pawing at it or showing that it bothered her, but an infection due to the stick was causing the bad breath. That was dealt with quickly. Ellie and her rescuer are delighted with one another. In the rescuer's words, "Ellie follows me around the house as if I have had her since she was a puppy. ...I am so very happy that she found ME!"

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