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Ellie4, August 2004

Ellie4 is the August Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog

Ellie's story as told by her rescuer:


Ellie was found wandering down a major street in Memphis, TN. with her left rear leg hanging limp. It was obviously broken, and I had to try to rescue her. I must say she was getting along pretty well on three legs as she attempted to outrun me! But with the help of a friend, we managed to round her up without her going out into the street, which was my main concern. Once I had caught up with her, she gave no complaints, whines, or growls as I picked her up and put her in the car.

I then called the local Humane Society, which had taken injured animals I had picked up before, but for some reason they no longer accept emergency cases. My vet was sick that week, so I was referred to a wonderful clinic who took Ellie in and checked her out. We found out what I had assumed. She had probably been hit by a car several days earlier and had suffered a shattered femur along with other minor injuries. She had to have a plate put in her leg, and is recuperating nicely at this time. She also tested positive for heartworms, so she will be treated for those now that she has had her other injuries surgically treated.

Thanks to Lab Rescue of Memphis, who referred me to LABMED. LABMED happily helped me fund Ellie's surgery, along with a local group called Sunny Meadows. I don't know what I would have done without this financial help, because I couldn't afford it on my own, but I certainly couldn't have left her out there injured, either!

Ellie is a happy, lively, friendly, loving dog about 2 years old who will need a loving family to care for her after she recuperates from heartworm treatment.

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