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Elsie, November 2002

Elsie is the November Buddy Arnold Memorial Fund Dog

Elsie Elsie's rescuers took a wrong turn on their way from Georgia to Myrtle Beach, SC, and found the little black Lab lying on the side of the road. She was covered with dirt and fleas and had evidently been hit by a car. This kind-hearted couple took Elsie immediately to a vet, where she was found to have a broken rear leg and numerous cuts and bruises in addition to being infested with fleas, intestinal parasites, lice and heartworms. Elsie also had a viral infection, probably from drinking standing water while she was a stray, and was severely emaciated.

Elsie's rescuers fell in love with the young Lab and decided to have her join their family. They took her home to Georgia, found a vet who would treat Elsie for a substantial rescue discount, and discovered LABMED through an Internet search. Although her rescuers could contribute to the costs of restoring Elsie to health, they needed help from LABMED to cope with these unexpected bills. LABMED was happy to be able to fund part of Elsie's treatment.

As it turned out, Elsie's broken leg had started to heal well on its own, so surgery was not needed. Her heartworm treatment was postponed, though, to allow Elsie to recover from her various ailments and to gain some weight now that she was receiving proper nutrition. When her rescuers finally took Ellie in for her heartworm treatment, the vet didn't recognize her! The 64 pound Lab with a shiny coat and a sparkle in her eye was a far cry from the starving waif he had seen several months before. What a difference that wrong turn made in Elsie's life!

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