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Emmy, March 1998

EmmyLake Erie LRC rescue team first got word about Emmy from a local all-breed rescue organization who discovered her in the pound. Just one year old, this energetic girl had been surrendered by a family who didn't have time for her puppyish ways. Emmy arrived at the shelter in a malnourished state, with a cyst on her head, and a painful limp. Her rescuers later learned she had been struck by a car at about 6 months old, and the vet work involved pinning the left front leg which was now lame.

LELRC took Emmy from the pound and placed her in foster care. After a thorough veterinary examination, it was determined that Emmy's limp was most likely due to arthritis, and her pinned leg was not in need of corrective surgery. However, the vet was surprised to find the cyst on her head was in fact a mass. He removed the lump and sent it out for biopsy, which thankfully came back negative. LABMED funded Emmy's exploratory surgery and biopsy, and she is now recuperating in foster care. As soon as she's well enough, LELRC will place Emmy with a new family that understands the needs of a high-energy Labrador pup.

Update May 1998:

EmmyEmmy's cyst was removed from her head and she has been spayed. She has also gained a much needed 20 pounds. Her foster mom has been slipping her macaroni and cheese and she loves it! This picture is of Emmy in October, 1999, isn't she beautiful!

Update: August, 2000:

We are the new owners of Emmy. We adopted her in Oct. 1998. Just thought we would send you new information on her progress. She is doing quite well. She now ways 75 lbs. and has adjusted well to her new home and playmate Shadow(male black lab).Loves to sleep on couch and beds. Enjoys walks around town and lots of pigs ears!

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