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Felipe, July 2003

As told by Felipe's rescuer:


Felipe is a four year old yellow Lab who has had a rough four years. What
we think happened was his original owners turned Felipe and his brother Junior in to a shelter for unknown reasons. He and Junior were adopted from there in 2001 and were kept as outside dogs for 18 months. Their owners moved in 2003 and again they went to a shelter. This time, however, they went to Houndhaven, Inc. in Groveland, FL.

Both Felipe and Junior had a severe case of ectropion (droopy eyelids) which caused recurrent eye infections. Their owners had surgery done in 2001, but their eyes did not heal well. Houndhaven had the eye surgery re-done on them again in January 2003--this time by an optometrist. The surgery was a success, and it looked like the boys would be ready for their forever home, but then (what else could possibly happen to these poor boys?)


Felipe started limping. X-rays indicated that he had completely ruptured his left cruciate ligament and had partially ruptured his right cruciate ligament. Without surgery to repair this damage, Felipe would develop debilitating arthritis and have to be put to sleep eventually. The surgeries were very costly, and Houndhaven turned to LABMED for help. LABMED generously agreed to fund a portion of these costs and make this needed surgery a reality for Felipe.

Update, January 2004

Again, as told by Felipe's rescuer:

Felipe is now fully recuperated from both knee surgeries and is doing great. You would never know anything was wrong with him! And, as of the day after Christmas, he lives in a beautiful home with a wonderful family.

We were extremely attached to him after all he had been through and couldn't imagine a family who would be good enough for him, but we were thrilled when just the right family came along. They have four other rescues, most of whom are special needs dogs (their vet described them as "very special clients"), and they made a significant contribution when they read of Felipe's plight. They kept in touch with us, and as Felipe's recuperation neared its end, they brought their 13 year old yellow lab in to meet him. The two of them are very similar in appearance and personality, so we could understand why they were drawn to Felipe. All went well so, Felipe (who is now named Titan) joined the gang.

He sleeps in the bedroom (but prefers the floor to the bed--it's probably too crowded with the other dogs), plays in the fenced yard (they live on a lake), lounges around the house, and goes to work with Dad sometimes (they own a Nissan dealership). He has a retreat on the ocean as well, but I don't think they have taken him there yet. So, Felipe's life has made a 180 degree turn and we couldn't be happier for him. Thanks to everyone at LABMED for helping to make this possible!

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