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Festus, December 2003


When this 1-year-old male yellow Lab was found at a hunting camp 45 miles from the nearest city in Georgia, he could barely move. Fortunately for Festus, his rescuers cautiously moved him to safety. The rescuer�s spouse, licensed to rescue small-breed dogs, gave the malnourished dog IV fluids and food, cleaned him, and promptly took him to a veterinarian. X-rays revealed a broken pelvis, and he was referred to a specialist who was willing to perform a pelvic reconstruction and grant a rescue discount.

In spite of this sweet fellow�s extensive injuries, presumably from being hit by a motor vehicle, his prognosis was excellent, which meant LABMED was happy to help fund his veterinary care. And now, with restored health, Festus has the chance to live in a home where he will be loved and cared for responsibly.

His rescuers will always wonder how the severely injured Festus was able to put so much distance between himself and the road. Pain and fear and something more were surely at work. He had the good fortune to be found by compassionate rescuers who can attest to the fact that Festus definitely has the will to live.

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