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Flo, September 2002


What do you do with a Lab puppy that can't be housetrained? Flo seemed like a smart little pup and acted like a typical Lab in every other way, but at three months of age she was totally incontinent. This sweet little yellow girl was evaluated by a vet, and the sad news was that Flo had been born with a malformation of the urinary tract called ectopic ureter. Unless this defect was repaired surgically, Flo was doomed to constantly dribble urine all her life.

Flo's owners were unable to afford the surgery, although they did make a donation towards her care when they relinquished her to Mixed Mutts Mixed Breed Dog Rescue in Grass Valley, CA. This rescue organization was able to raise some of the funds needed for Flo's surgery through a donation jar, and they contacted LABMED for help with the rest. We were happy to contribute to a second chance for Flo!

Flo's surgery went well and best news of all was that after the surgery Flo was squatting to urinate instead of dripping constantly. Her foster mom noted that Flo seemed to need to urinate very frequently and the vet cautioned that this would continue for some time as Flo gradually strengthens her unused muscles. The outlook for a satisfactory recovery is quite good, though, and soon this beautiful little puppy will be ready to find a wonderful new family to love.

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