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Fortinbras, April 2002

Fortinbras This big dark-yellow male Lab wandered into the backyard of his rescuer in Griffin, GA with a severely damaged leg. The stray had been seen limping around the neighborhood for a number of weeks before his rescuer and her sister were able to coax him into their car for a trip to the vet.

The veterinary examination revealed that the dog had probably been hit by a car some time previously. The injured leg was badly infected, with extensive nerve damage and open sores from dragging on the ground. It was decided that amputation was the only practical option.

His rescuer chose the name Fortinbras for the friendly young Lab, remembering that the family in one of her favorite books, "A Wrinkle in Time", had given their dog that name. She needed assistance with the cost of the amputation since she would have to pay for neutering and vaccinations, as well as the expense of fostering Fortinbras while he recovered from surgery.. (Thankfully, Fortinbras turned out to be heartworm negative!) LABMED was happy to help out with the costs of the amputation.

Fortinbras recovered well from his surgery and in fact seemed to be relieved that the painful leg was no longer there. Now his rescuer is faced with the difficult decision of whether to find a perfect home for Fortinbras or to keep him herself!

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