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Gabe, January, 2002


Some puppies are born into the world with a loving family waiting for them and others are born with a Guardian Angel watching over them. Gabe not only had "a" Guardian Angel, he had a Host of them.

Gabe, a lovely little black Lab puppy, was found very early one morning in Ohio about 10 days before Christmas. Even though the calendar displayed one of the coldest months of the year and well into the Holiday season, sick little Gabe was dumped outside to let nature take its course. Only 8 weeks old and weighing less than 10 pounds, Gabe had spent a very miserable night pressed close to the side of a house to cut the biting wind and cold. The morning he was discovered huddled in the backyard of his rescuer, he could barely stand upright and was very close to death. That's when his Host of Guardian Angels started pulling a bit of overtime. His first Guardian Angel made sure the dog that lived in the house would find him that morning. Another Guardian Angel made sure the dog alerted his owner to Gabe's presence and very sad state of health. Still another Guardian Angel made sure he was taken to a veterinarian immediately.

After a thorough examination and check-up, he was discovered to be badly infested with fleas, severely malnourished, dehydrated, with internal parasites and a raging case of parvo virus. The vet admitted him to the animal hospital giving him only a 50/50 chance of survival. A Guardian Angel surely stayed with him in his kennel at the animal hospital through all the intraveneous feedings, medications, and long lonely nights because Gabe not only beat the odds, but recovered completely and quickly.

Meanwhile, his rescuer realized all this treatment would cost dearly and contacted LABMED for help with Gabe's bills. LABMED has pleased to help with Gabe's medical expenses and the rescuer was very relieved. Still another Guardian Angel was busy tapping on other hearts as someone who had heard about Gabe's troubles left a very generous (but anonymous) donation with the vet staff to help cover some of the expenses. His rescuers then realized Gabe had some very persuasive and kind hearted friends. Thus, the name Gabe, short for Gabriel -- the Angel that appeared at Christmas time -- was given to this small bundle of black fur.

Another of Gabe's Guardian Angels was busy working on his rescuer trying to convince them that their one dog, Rudi, needed a friend to make their loving home complete. Slowly and ever so efficiently the Guardian Angel won this battle and Gabe's rescuers realized that Gabe was indeed their newest and most unexpected Christmas gift.

Today Gabe enjoys playing with Rudi, his Border Collie brother and giving his new family a taste of those razor sharp puppy teeth. His poor pitiful 10 pound body has blossomed with the good food, attention and love his new family lavish on him and is a healthy bouncy Lab puppy now. So sometimes, just sometimes, Guardian Angels come together for a very special purpose -- just ask Gabe, he knows all about Angels.

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